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Infrastructure - Introduction
Infrastructure (Civil Works) is an important part of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) scheme as about 33% of the total annual budget is spent on this activity. Provision of school infrastructure helps in providing Access to children, an important objective of the SSA. It also helps in the retention of the children to the school. Providing decent and adequate infrastructure acts as a catalyst for enhancing the learning quality of the students.

The following major tasks are carried out under Infrastructure (Civil Works):
  • Construction Activities
    • New Primary School (NPS)
    • Additional Classrooms as per requirements
    • Cluster / Block / Urban Resource Center
    • Boys / Girls / CWSN Toilets
    • Water Facility
    • Electricity Connection
    • Boundary Wall
    • Ramp
    • Kitchen Shed
  • Repair Activities
    • Minor repairs
    • Major repairs
  • District wise Budget Allocation and preparation of Annual Work Plan
  • Coordination with Central Government, State Government and District Offices for progress monitoring and funds disbursal
  • Analysis of Data Collected

The department collects some of the above data through the DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR EDUCATION (DISE) annual survey. The following data is captured through DISE:
  • Toilets
  • Water Facility
  • Boundary Wall
  • Electricity
  • Ramp
  • Classroom details

The survey forms are filled by the schools manually, digitized at the district office, and collated at the state level. It is later made online by MHRD. As the DISE data collection happens only once a year, the department also collects information through additional surveys conducted by the executive engineers to get the updated interim data about various facets of Infrastructure.

Infrastructure (Civil Works) Budget
Following chart shows the infrastructure budget allocated for the last three years. A look at the chart below reveals the sharp increase in the Infrastructure budget since 2010-11 with additional funding obtained after the implementation of Right to Education Act to Maharashtra from the central government. The figures are a clear indicator of the work being done and the seriousness of the State Government and the SSA Office in Maharashtra in formulating a budget with sound data backing.

Infrastructure (Civil Works) Budget
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