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Access & Retention - Progress Overview
Elementary Schools Availability
The state, in year 2010-11, had a total 97,256 Elementary schools of which 49,085 are Primary schools, 48,171 are Upper Primary schools and 5,595 are Secondary and Higher secondary schools. Of the total number of elementary schools, 67,241 (69%) are Government managed schools and 30,015 (31%) schools are private managed schools.

Out-of-school children
Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India conducted a sample survey to identify out-of-school children through IMRB-SRI in year 2009 and estimated 81.51 lakh (4.28%) out of school children in the country in the age group 6-13 years.

It is estimated that in Maharashtra there are 207,345 (1.27%) out-of- school children, which is very low compared to the national average. Among out-of-school children, 59% children have never been enrolled in the school and 41% are drop outs. It has been observed that age, social group, BPL status, and disability play a significant role in child’s enrolment and further retention. It has been also observed that Dropout rate of ST children is very high compared to all the other children.

Measures for improving Retention Rate
The state has taken various measures to improve the retention rate. Many initiatives such as providing free text books (also in Braille) to primary and upper primary children, providing two set of uniforms to girls as well as SC, ST, and BPL boys, and provision of Teaching Learning Equipments (TLE) has helped the state immensely to improve retention rate.
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