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Community Mobilization - Introduction
Active involvement of Community plays a critical role in meeting the access – equity – quality mandates of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). With the participation of the community in the management of schools social, regional and gender gaps can also be bridged. It is essential that people are well aware about their role and responsibilities as parents, guardians, members of local authorities and they are given freedom for the development of the school. The state has always encouraged school teachers to understand the role and importance of community participation, contribution in development of school and quality enhancement.

From the beginning, the state has kept constant focus on active community participation through various initiatives such as
  • Under the Shiksha ka Haq Abhiyan, the state has proposed to galvanize the community to participate proactively in equity issues.
  • Introducing barefoot counselors to work as a link between school and the community in ensuring enrollment and regular attendance.
  • Organizing Maa-Beti Melava particularly in minority concentrated districts and model clusters under NPEGEL.
  • Using sports, art and craft as instruments for contextualized, participatory, activity based joyful learning and through this seek community participation as a knowledge partner
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