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Quality - Computer Aided Learning (CAL)

The computer Aided Learning Program (CAL) creates an environment, where learning and assessment is fun and the opportunities to learn is equitable among the rural and urban children. The CAL is primarily introduced in rural government local bodies Upper Primary schools covering the classes 5 to 7 to attract and retain children and also in the enhance the quality to learning by making “Learning play”, “Assessment Fun” and “Equal knowledge for all”.

  • The main objective of the CAL Programmed is to attract the children, retain them in the schools.
  • To improve the quality of the education through animated multimedia based educational content.
  • The CAL objective is sought to be achieved though educational based syllabus CD/DVD.
  • Improve the interest of student in schools studies and thus increase schools attendance and retention.
  • Improve student learning capacity.
  • To make the student familiar with computer.
  • Use educational software through computer.
  • Improving the quality of the education.
  • Reducing the dropout rate and increasing retention.
  • Making learning effective and interesting.
  • Providing the necessary aid to empower teachers.

Year No. of schools provided
with Computer Lab
2003-04 289
2004-05 251
2005-06 355
2006-07 280
2007-08 280
2008-09 1085
2009-10 945
2010-11 351
2010-11 643
2011-12 662
Total 5141

Up to year 2011-12, there are 5141schools across the State had been covered under CAL while more than 10,282 teachers were trained on CAL. Overall, more than 7.5 lack students were benefitted by the CAL implementation.

  • Materials Providing Computer Labs in Schools up to 2011-12
    • Each lab provides five computers.
    • Each lab provides five UPS.
    • Each lab provides one Printers.
    • Provide furniture, Chairs, Electrification.
    • Provide Subject base education CD/DVDs.
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